Job Site Rules


The purpose of Deane Home Services company/jobsite policy is to ensure a high standard of quality and safety during our building and remodeling projects. Our goal is to minimize disruptions to our customers and their neighbors throughout the process.

  • CHECK-IN with homeowner to Deane Home Services Project Manager
  • TREAT yourself or others with RESPECT
  • Do NOT start work before reviewing plans, quality control and trade checklists
  • SAFETY FIRST – Don’t work or let others work without proper safety precautions set by OSHA, WSHA and L&I
  • COVER and protect all finishes
  • DO NOT Smoke, Chew, Drink alcohol or use of illegal substances on the jobsite
  • DO NOT leave the jobsite without cleaning every day and ensuring no safety hazards exist
  • Do NOT abuse, misuse, neglect customer’s property or company-owned tools, equipment and resources
  • NO loud music – radios or headphones are only permitted on site if they do not interfere with communications of others
  • NO swearing
  • LOCK UP – Don’t leave the jobsite without making sure everything is as secure as possible!!!!!
  • USE designated restrooms
  • PROPER WORK ATTIRE must be worn at all times
  • DO NOT implement verbal changes from the customer on-site (all changes must be in writing and submitted through Deane Home Services)